Local candidate Jeremy Baker running in the 49th LD (Vancouver, WA) is now a victim of all too common property crime

Date:August 23, 2022
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On Monday, August 22, at 6:11 a.m. in Vancouver Jeremy Baker (R-WA), Candidate for the State Representative, 49th District Position 2, discovered his essential company truck was rendered inoperable due to gasoline theft. Baker joins tens of thousands of Clark County residents that are victims of property crimes due to the failed policies voted on by his opponent, Monica Stonier (D-WA ).
“I went outside to go to work and heard a leaking liquid sound. I smelled gasoline, which I soon saw was spilling out of my truck’s gas tank onto the ground,” Baker said.

Upon investigation Baker discovered that some time in the night, thieves had drilled into his gas tank and drained most of the fuel, leaving the rest to pour dangerously onto the ground.
Baker, like many Washingtonians, is facing the one-two punch of higher gas prices and higher crime rates in his community. Baker is currently running for 49 th District Position 2 against Democrat  Monica Stonier, where he has made crime and inflation a cornerstone of his campaign, and these events are becoming far too common and far too costly for many Vancouver residents.

“After the damage was assessed,” Baker said, “I was dismayed to learn it will be weeks to repair my truck due to the scarcity of parts. Now I know personally what other families and businesses, many of them vulnerable and struggling, are experiencing with the explosion of rampant crime.”

Baker has filed a police report with Vancouver Police Department, but acknowledges the chances of finding the criminals is slim to none.

Baker said, “That’s part of the problem. The word is out among them that they can do almost anything and get away with it. You can steal gas, catalytic converters, our neighbor’s truck, and easily get away with it. The cost to the victim is huge both financially and more importantly in human terms. After an experience like this, a family’s quality of life takes a hit that is hard to repair.”

Baker attributes the spike, including 75% increase in vehicle prowl calls, to Clark County, and the State of Washington, now having the lowest officer per citizen ratio in the nation.

Baker also points to police reform bills passed in 2021 saying that they “went too far and had disastrous unintended consequences.”

He named, HB 1054 (limiting police pursuit), HB 1310 (modifying use of force), SB 5051
(accountability of peace officers), and SB 5476 (Partial Decriminalization of Controlled Substances), as causes for promoting rampant crime.

“These bills, all supported by Monica Stonier, must be systematically revised,” Baker continued, “This is my top priority.”

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