FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Political Ad Targets Top WA Dem., House Leader Stonier, over murderer Roy Russell’s early release.

Vancouver, WA—In a new political ad released on Tuesday, 10/11/22, local candidate for the 49th Legislative District Jeremy Baker points the blame for convicted child murderer Roy Russell’s early release directly at his opponent Washington State House Floor Leader Monica Stonier, one of the top Democrats in the state.

“Living just a few blocks away, I remember the police tape, I remember the trial, and I remember we put him away for life,” Baker said in the ad “Monica Stonier must have forgotten about Chelsea when she passed laws that let criminals like Roy Russell out of jail.”

Russell was convicted for the 2005 murder of Chelsea Harrison, who was 14 years old at the time, and was sentenced automatically to life in prison under the persistent offender law in Washington state. In 2021 that sentence was put in jeopardy when Washington House Democrats, led by Stonier, passed SB5164. SB5164 resentences individuals originally sentenced as a persistent offender due to a robbery in the second degree conviction. That change allows Russell to walk free, possibly as soon as Friday.

“I was shocked when I heard that Monica Stonier and her Democrat counterparts had passed a bill that would let this monster out of jail. I made this ad to remind everyone of what happened 17 years ago and to make sure that the people that allowed Roy Russell to beat another life sentence are held accountable for victimizing Chelsea’s family again,” Baker said.

On October 14th Russell will have a hearing with the potential outcome of him getting out as early as that afternoon. Russell’s maximum potential sentence of 7.7 years is far cry from the original life sentence and an outrage for Chelsea’s family. Baker shares the victim’s family disbelief that a group of politicians would so callously victimize their family again.

Baker remembers the day Russel was sent away for life, “Justice was done on that day, but because of this law it will be undone Friday.”

Baker believes that there is only one way to respond to this, “Everyone who voted in favor for this law should be fired this November,” Baker continued, “We can’t mince words anymore, voting for Monica Stonier is a vote to let murderers and rapists like Roy Russell out of jail.”
There is a protest planned for at the Clark County (WA) Courthouse starting at 2:00 PM on Friday (10/14/22) and Roy Russell’s hearing is scheduled for 3:00 PM that afternoon. The family of Chelsea Harrison and their lawyer are planning to be in attendance. The family is also planning to be in the courtroom when the new judgment is handed down.

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