Soft on crime Bills Sponsored by our Current Democrat Legislators

In 2005, 14 year old Chelsea Harrison, lost her life to a career criminal that was preying on the children right here in Vancouver, Wa. by holding underage parties at his residence across the street from a school. Nearly 17 years ago Chelsea lost her life at the hands of Roy Russell who was subsequently caught, tried, and convicted under the three strike law and put away for life without the possibility of parole.

Today Roy Russell is looking forward to being free. Monica Stonier and her democrat colleagues gave him and over 100 other career criminals a second chance when they passed SB5164 in 2021. That bill required resentencing for anyone who had been convicted of second degree robbery. Like many of the laws that Ms. Stonier passes, this bill damages the very fabric of our society. Today Roy Russell is dreaming of being free and Chelsea’s family is reliving the nightmare of her death.

When asked about the bill that will set this child murderer free, Ms. Stonier states “HB 5164 was never intended to apply to someone already serving a life sentence, like Russell.” which shows that she is both ill informed about the law she passed as well as skirting her responsibility for allowing Roy Russell to be free.

How many more families must relive the nightmares of their lives? Democrats will continue letting out criminals and prevent law enforcement from protecting their communities if we don’t start holding them accountable. We need to fire everyone of these politicians that allowed this travesty to happen. We need to hire people that will put the people’s needs first. Vote Jeremy Baker this November and protect your family from this radical agenda.

Soft on Crime policies:

  • Weakened 3-Strikes law: SB5288 (2019) and SB5164 (2021): Removes second-degree robbery from persistent offender list and mandates resentencing of offenders.

Example repercussion: Convicted murderer of a 14-year-old girl in Vancouver in 2005 to be resentenced in October and possibly released in 5 years.


  • Reduced penalties gang shootings: HB1169 (in committee): Reduces sentences for drug offenses, gang related felonies, and gun offenses and includes process for early release.

Drug offenses are not prosecutable in Washington:

  • SB5476 (2021) response to State vs Blake decision: Prosecutors MUST offer alternative treatment for the first two drug offenses and are encouraged to offer alternatives on ALL subsequent offenses.


  • 66% increase in overdose deaths in 2021 with over 2,000 deaths with over 1,000 from fentanyl.

99% increase in auto thefts from March 2021 to March 2022

  • ESSB1054 (2021): Vehicle pursuit of criminals is severely restricted. Directly influenced rise of car thefts with an estimated 50,000 cars by end of 2022.

Washington has lowest officer per person in nation

  • HB1310 (2021): Modified use of force and criminal liability. Transfers liability to police officers.


  • SB5051 (2021): Changes background checks and certification and decertification process.